About CJ Patrol

Who we are & what we do

Cave Junction Patrol is a private citizen volunteer organization dedicated to effectively addressing heretofore-unchecked property crime in our city and neighborhoods. The primary mission of Cave Junction Patrol is to prevent, interrupt, report, and decrease property crime in the City of Cave Junction, Oregon.

Truly cognizant of the fact that we are neither law enforcement nor vigilantes, we accomplish our mission in full regard for the common good and safety of all members of the Cave Junction community, and we do so in a number of ways:

  1. We provide nocturnal patrols on a rotational basis 7 days a week
  2. We patrol to prevent and interrupt property crime in nearly every neighborhood
  3. We patrol to prevent and interrupt property crime at nearly every business downtown
  4. We provide dedicated security patrol/watches for the elderly and/or infirm who many times are repeat victims of property crime in our area
  5. We provide dedicated property/personal safety watches for owners/employees locally for businesses at closings and some openings, including CJ Coffee, Bimor, Dutch Brothers, and Speedy Mart
  6. At the request of realtors or property managers we provide dedicated patrols/watches to vacant homes that often are the target of thieves and/or squatters in order to prevent theft and vandalism
  7. At their request (and with permission of property owners only) we secure and maintain security for private homes that had previously suffered theft, squatters, vandalism, as well as ongoing criminal activities
  8. We seek to, and currently are, acting as a liaison between owners and homeless squatters on undeveloped private property in order to help both parties avoid conflict. We do this by helping secure the owners rights to their property while seeking out safe, secure, and legal lodging for local homeless
  9. Along this same line, we also attempt to offer assistance to anyone willing to turn away from life on the street, homelessness, drugs, crime, or whatever binds their life from becoming healthy, happy, and productive members of their own community again, and promise to do all we can to make that possible

As mentioned above, and stated elsewhere from our beginnings, we are not law enforcement or vigilantes. We don't do domestic disputes, street brawls, drug enforcement, roust the homeless, traffic control, or involve ourselves in major crimes requiring the presence of law enforcement, although they will be reported. What we are and seek to be is a strong deterrent against residential, business, and personal property crime.

Our goal is to help change the quality of life in Cave Junction for the better, and a large part of that equation is found in the safeguarding of citizens and their belongings.

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    Feb 1, 2018
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